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Germany - Berlin State Mint
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Germany - Berlin State Mint

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This section of Obscure Finds Numismatic Collection is about a Mint (an industrial facility which manufactures coins for currency) from the Germany region referred to as the Berlin State Mint.

Germany - Berlin State Mint is located at:
Ollenhauerstraße 97, 13403 Berlin

Germany - Berlin State Mint

Germany - Berlin State Mint

Staatlichen Münze Berlin
Staatlichen Münze Berlin
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Berlin Geo Location
Latitude: 52.5727
Longitude: 13.3304
Elevation: 112 ft (34 m)
Berlin State Mint
Address: Ollenhauerstraße 97, 13403 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 231405

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Germany - Berlin State Mint Description

​​The State Mint Berlin

The Berlin National Mint (Staatliche Münze Berlin) is the oldest production facility in the city. Coins have been minted in Berlin since as early as 1280.

With advanced machinery and experienced artists , we are well equipped to all customer requests and produce according to your needs - from legal tender to the valuable anniversary medal. We offer our guests a permanent exhibition in compressed form the highlights of the creation of our traditional business. First, we present masterpieces of our unique heritage of the medal creation. We may here refer to a more than 725 -year history. On the other hand , our collection is a closed collection area commemorative coins of the GDR, which have all been shaped by our company.

Opening hours:
Mon.-Fri.: 9:30am - 3.00pm
Admission: Free