Coin Type Specifications
Region: US
Denomination: 25C
Diameter: 24.26 (mm)
Coin Metal Composition:
Copper [91.67%] 5.197689 (g)
Nickel [8.33%] 0.472311 (g)
Total Mass: 5.670 (g)

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District of Columbia and US Territories Quarters
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US - District of Columbia and US Territories Quarters

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Coin Type Coins
District of Columbia and US Territories Quarters Coin Composition
Composition Totals From 12 Coins
Copper : 62.372268 Grams
Nickel : 5.667732 Grams
Total Mass : 68.04 Grams

Metal USD/Pound USD/Troy Ounce USD/Gram Grams/Coin USD/Coin
Copper $2.091 $0.143 $0.005 5.197689 g $0.024
Nickel $4.494 $0.308 $0.010 0.472311 g $0.005
Precious and Base Metal Melt Value For Each Coin: $0.029
Combined Precious and Base Metal Melt Value For 12 Coins: $0.344
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Coin Type Description
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Years Minted: 2009
Mint Marks: P D
Denomination: 25C
Obverse Design: JOHN FLANAGAN (1932 version) from a 1786 bust by Houdon / William Cousins (modification to Flanagan's design)
Obverse Designer: JOHN FLANAGAN
Reverse Design: District of Columbia and US Territories Quarters Coin Series individual coin designs detailed in connected article
2009 - District of Columbia and United States Territories Quarters

The District of Columbia and United States Territories Quarter Program was a one-year coin program of the United States Mint that saw quarters being minted in 2009 to honor the District of Columbia and the unincorporated United States insular areas of Puerto Rico, Guam, United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands. The islands commonly grouped together as the United States Minor Outlying Islands were not featured, as the law defined the word "territory" as being limited to the areas mentioned above.


Examples of D.C. & U.S. Territories Quarters

Philadelphia Mint
2009 P District of Columbia Quarter
2009 P Puerto Rico Quarter
2009 P Guam Quarter
2009 P American Samoa Quarter
2009 P US Virgin Islands Quarter
2009 P Northern Mariana Islands Quarter

Denver Mint
2009 D District of Columbia Quarter
2009 D Puerto Rico Quarter
2009 D Guam Quarter
2009 D American Samoa Quarter
2009 D US Virgin Islands Quarter
2009 D Northern Mariana Islands Quarter

2009 D.C. & U.S. Territories Quarter Reverse Designs

The reverse designs for each quarter contained images distinctly different with images emblematic of the District of Columbia and each of the territories. The obverse of each quarter continued to utilize the image of George Washington designed by John Flanagan.

2009 District of Columbia Quarter
Reverse design features native son Duke Ellington, the internationally renowned composer and musician, seated at a grand piano with the inscriptions, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, DUKE ELLINGTON and JUSTICE FOR ALL, the District's motto.

2009 Puerto Rico Quarter
Reverse design features a historic sentry box and a hibiscus flower with the inscriptions, PUERTO RICO and Isla del Encanto, which means "Isle of Enchantment."

2009 Guam Quarter
Reverse design features the outline of the island, a flying proa (a seagoing craft built by the Chamorro people), a latte stone (an architectural element used as the base of homes) and the inscriptions, GUAM and Guahan I Tanó ManChamorro, which means "Guam - Land of the Chamorro."

2009 American Samoa Quarter
Reverse design features the ava bowl ("tanoa"), whisk and staff in the foreground with a coconut tree on the shore in the background and the inscriptions, AMERICAN SAMOA and SAMOA MUAMUA LE ATUA, the motto of American Samoa, which means "Samoa, God is First."

2009 US Virgin Islands Quarter
Reverse design features an outline of the three major islands, the Yellow Breast or Bananaquit, its official bird; the Yellow Cedar or Yellow Elder, the official flower; and a Tyre Palm Tree with the inscriptions U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS and United in Pride and Hope, the official motto of the territory.

2009 Northern Mariana Islands Quarter
Reverse design represents the wealth of the islands in its natural resources of land, air and sea. Near the shore stands a large limestone latte, the supporting column of ancient indigenous Chamorro structures. A canoe of the indigenous Carolinians represents the people’s seafaring skills across vast distances. Two white fairy tern birds fly in characteristic synchrony overhead. A Carolinian mwar (head lei) composed of plumeria, langilang (Ylang Ylang), angagha (peacock flower) and teibwo (Pacific Basil) borders the bottom of the design near the inscription, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS. The mwar is symbolic of the virtues of honor and respect.


The 2009 District of Columbia and U.S. Territories Quarters Program

Coin Specifications
Standard Weight = 5.670g
Standard Diameter = 0.955 in (24.26mm)
Thickness = 1.75 mm
Edge = Reeded
Composition = Cupro-Nickel Clad (8.33% Nickel, Balance Cu)


¼ Dollar "Washington Quarter"

Country United States
Year 2009
Value Quarter Dollar = 25 Cents (0.25 USD)
Metal Copper-nickel clad Copper
Weight 5.67 g
Diameter 24.26 mm
Thickness 1.75 mm
Engravers William Cousins (obverse)
Joseph Menna (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment ↑↓
Edge Reeded

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