Coin Type Specifications
Region: Canada
Denomination: C$2
Diameter: 28 (mm)
Coin Metal Composition:
Nickel [51%] 3.5292 (g)
Copper [46%] 3.1832 (g)
Aluminium [3%] 0.2076 (g)
Total Mass: 6.92 (g)

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2012-current - Elizabeth II - Canadian 2 Dollars (Toonie)
Coin Type Name

Canada - 2012-current - Elizabeth II - Canadian 2 Dollars (Toonie)

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This section of Obscure Finds Numismatic Collection is made up of coins from the Canada region and specializes in 2012-current - Elizabeth II - Canadian 2 Dollars (Toonie) coins from coin category Two Dollar . If you are looking for coin facts, numismatic data or simple melt value composition of the Canada - 2012-current - Elizabeth II - Canadian 2 Dollars (Toonie) coin, you can find it here at Obscure Finds.

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2012-current - Elizabeth II - Canadian 2 Dollars (Toonie) Coin Composition
Composition Totals From 1 Coins
Nickel : 3.5292 Grams
Copper : 3.1832 Grams
Aluminium : 0.2076 Grams
Total Mass : 6.92 Grams

Metal USD/Pound USD/Troy Ounce USD/Gram Grams/Coin USD/Coin
Nickel $4.494 $0.308 $0.010 3.5292 g $0.035
Copper $2.091 $0.143 $0.005 3.1832 g $0.015
Aluminium $0.740 $0.051 $0.002 0.2076 g $0.000
Precious and Base Metal Melt Value For Each Coin: $0.05
Combined Precious and Base Metal Melt Value For 1 Coins: $0.05
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Coin Type Description
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Years Minted: 2012-current
Mint Marks:
Denomination: C$2
Obverse Design: Portrait right Lettering: ELIZABETH II D.G. REGINA YEAR
Obverse Designer: Susanna Blunt
Reverse Design: Polar bear on ice flow, facing right. Lettering: CANADA 2 DOLLARS
Reverse Designer: Brent Townsend
2012-current - Elizabeth II - Canadian 2 Dollars (Toonie)

The Canadian 2 dollar coin, commonly called the toonie, was introduced on February 19, 1996 by Public Works minister Diane Marleau. The toonie is a bi-metallic coin which on the reverse side bears an image of a polar bear by artist Brent Townsend. The obverse, like all other current Canadian coins, has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. It has the words "ELIZABETH II / D.G. REGINA" in a different typeface from any other Canadian coin; it is also the only coin to consistently bear its issue date on the obverse.

The coin is manufactured using a patented distinctive bi-metallic coin locking mechanism. The coins are estimated to last 20 years. The discontinued two-dollar bill was less expensive to manufacture, but on average each bill lasted only one year.


(The OFFC List composition of 51% Nickel 46% Cooper 6% Aluminum)
This composition is based on the assumption of 50% outer and inner weight

Balance and composition – the 2-dollar coin

The 2-dollar coin, or 'Toonie', as Canadians have named it, features the image of an adult polar bear in early summer on an ice floe. It was designed by wildlife and landscape artist Brent Townsend. The 2-dollar coin was first introduced on February 19, 1996, to replace the 2-dollar bill. The 'Toonie' has a life span approximately 20 times longer than paper currency and is manufactured using a distinctive bi-metallic coin locking mechanism patented by the Royal Canadian Mint.

2012 - present
Composition: outer ring - multi-ply nickel plated steel, insert - multi-ply brass plated aluminum bronze
Weight (g): 6.92
Diameter (mm): 28
Thickness (mm): 1.75
Two laser marks of maple leaves, each within a circle, at the bottom of the coin's reverse
A virtual image of two maple leaves will appear at the top of the coin ? a different image is produced as the coin is turned from side to side.
Edge-lettering of the words "CANADA" and "2 DOLLARS" are engraved along the coin's outer edge.


2 Dollars - Elizabeth II 4th portrait

KM# 1257
Country Canada
Years 2012-2014
Value 2 Dollars
Metal Bi-Metallic Brass plated Aluminium-bronze center in Nickel plated Steel ring
Weight 6.92 g
Diameter 28 mm
Thickness 1.75 mm
Engravers Susanna Blunt (obverse)
Brent Townsend (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑
Edge Segmented reeding and incuse lettering

Position A - Edge lettering with Obverse on top
Position B - Edge lettering with Reverse on top

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